Redesign of a website & online shop is a process we perform for existing websites of our clients.

If the website is not created by us, do not worry. We will offer you an individual offer tailored to your project, goals and desires.

"Redesign" is creating a new vision. We perform this process through the following stages: 

1. Preliminary meeting, where you give us the current web site and you share what your wishes, visions and goals are.

2. We do a short survey and evaluation of the site.

3. We announce redesign opportunities and prepare an individual offer.

4. After approval of the offer and before commencing redesign work, we collect some more information from you, asking additional questions, including: 

What are you trying to achieve? 

What do you want us to do to achieve the desired result? 

What new do you want to add and what old do you want to remove? 

How long do you want to be fulfilled? 

5. Comparative analysis

We investigate who your competitors are.

We compare what they have achieved in the web, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and we advise you where to focus your attention.

6. Sketching the new web design. 

We create a visualization with basic modules, we discuss their location with you, we prepare a navigation menu scheme.

7. Final specifications.

Important! The client must provide all necessary materials for filling in the website - logos, graphics and text.

Of course, in case you do not have the necessary elements in the appropriate format, we can create them for you. 

We offer the development of all necessary elements for the website - logo, header, banners, product catalog, portfolio.

We inform you that WebGelectronic processes your personal data for the purpose of verifying and responding to your inquiries, as well as improving service quality. More information can be found under "Privacy"