Every website needs professional support.

Maintaining website includes:
♦ мониторинг – наблюдение и проверка за грешки
♦ обновяване на платформа
♦ подобрения по код
♦ създаване на текст
♦ проучване и следене на потребителското търсене
♦ създаване на нови страници, категории и др.


Behind any successful web site stands
quality program code.
Performing correctly its function
this code guarantees site speed,
which is one of the most important features today.

Monitoring - the WebGelectronic service
is the right tool

Errors are generated on each site,
and they hinder his work.
The result of this is the loading problem
and frequent delays when opening a new page, category, etc.

Editing and monitoring
will take care of this problem.

Проверка за грешки е задължителна част от поддръжката за всеки сайт.

The good product is easy to find and understand.
Changes and support are fast, easy.

cms-wordpress  cms-3 cms-2

CMS (Content Management System)
is platform for building the site
and to publish content.

There are different CMS systems and they differ
on the offered functionalities.

According to w3tech data first use
worldwide is WordPress with 60.7% share
or more understandable result: 23.6% of all
web sites

Second is Joomla with 2.9% and third place for Drupal with 2.0%
4th place for Blogger with 1% and Magento - again 1%

An important point is their "update".
Their management requires upgrade to latest version - this operation need professionals and constant monitoring.


Create content is part of „Copywriting“
strategy for engaging new readers

Create text for articles,
marketing campaign, ads etc.

Skills, impeccable spelling and time are required
to create text that make sales and new customers.

Study and track changes
consumer demand on the Internet is an ongoing process.
For its implementation, we rely on our own system,
with proved effectiveness.

Some of the actions are recommended by Google tools
to improve website, monthly analytics of the famous search engine and everything
shared by the software giant.

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