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Owning a website is necessity for any business. Making it is an important moment. The end result should be a fast site with individual vision, easy menu, comprehensible content and, most importantly, well-indexed on GoogleWebGelectronic ensures the right design and 100% compatibility of the website with Android smartphones, iOS phones and tablets, Windows touchscreen computers and modern hardware devices. For more than ten years, we listen our customers and take care to achieve desired results. We create and constantly improve websites for them making a website is just the beginning... Beginning with a client-approved project, we work hard not only to his completion. We work for provide support and monitoring the proper functioning of the website.


What do you need for start?

kak-se-pravi-websiteFor create a website you must have: 
Domain name
This is the address of who he is. (example: gelectronic.com). The domain name is reserved for a certain period of time, with a minimum period of 1 year. After the expiration period, you decide whether to resume or stop saving your domain. Termination means stopping the site.
Hosting is the space where all the elements of a site are stored. Depending on the required disk space, number of databases and generated monthly traffic - the client pays the appropriate plan.
Like the domain name, the hosting plan is paid for a certain amount of time. Upon expiration of the prepaid term, the service is renewed. Otherwise, the site stops functioning.

After you pay for hosting & domain you also need:
Professional Design
The simplest definition of web design is "the layout of the elements"
Web development
This is web design + all script behind

After a series of tests, the website is ready to be released.
Next step is the creation of pages, categories and everything the client has specified and approved in the pre-prepared project.

We make all elements for every project: лого, банер, бутони, заснемане на обекти и продукти за създаване на каталог, рекламни материали свързани с дейността.

We are here to listen your idea. 

We can create website or e-store,
personal website, catalog, blog,
online shop.

Individual approach and high efficiency is our trademark.

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