When making an online store or ecommerce, we take into account the specifics of your business.
This is an important detail for achieving a good result - more customers and sales.
Your online store can offer different goods, which requires a unique design, tailored
for products you offer.
The main goals of each store are the presentation of one or more products and the realization of their sale.

Webdesign for online store
Our e-shops are strictly individual
Тhey are the result of a preliminary analysis, many hours of work and attention to every detail.
Our design team listen to all your wishes about shapes, colors and other specific requirements.

Compatibility with smartphone and tablet
An important detail the trader has to take into account is that the relative share
of households owning mobile phones (smartphones, iPhone, iPad, tablets).
in Bulgaria is nearly 90% according to official information of NSI.
We believe that every store is absolutely essential
be adaptable or mobile (mobile & tablet friendly websites)
and be handy for mobile phones and devices.

SEO for online stores
It's important how the store is positioned
in Google search results
Better search position is a prerequisite for higher attendance,
more impressions and more sales.
SEO is the right tool
The process includes a detailed volume search, region and competition evaluation.
This is what we call "Product Positioning Strategy"

Online store support
Technical support is charged based on enabled modules. 
The creation of products, updating and everything related with the product catalog is the responsibility of the owner.
Once the store has been released, you will get access to an administration panel. You will manage the entire inventory through your account.
Ще организирате продуктите в категории и подкатегории, ще можете да създавате продуктови филтри и всички други екстри,
които сте пожелали при изработката от нас.

Website content, blog and news
You will be able to create pages with company presentations, add themes and pictures of the activity and the goods offered.
You will be able to post news, blog articles, activity related publications.

Prices for an online store
The cost of building and maintaining an online store is formed after a customer meeting.
It is impossible to fix a price without sharing our desire, vision and requirements with us.
Based on volume, goals, and number of active modules, we will produce an individual offer
with accurate price.
In case the client wants to take advantage of SEO optimizationsearch engine optimization services (Google), and
digital marketing - he will receive a package price.

The amount of commerce that takes place electronically grows at a rapid pace.
It is now imperative for every trader to offer his products online. It reaches its customers
faster and gives them the opportunity to shop at a convenient time. Offline shops are tied to working hours,
costs related to personnel, security, etc. The main plus in the e-shop is that it works for you 24/7, like for
its support can count on a much smaller team and at the same time - make more sales.
This is because the customer will not have to travel to your warehouse or office but will be able to order online and
wait for delivery at home, in the office, or other convenient location.