WebGelectronic is part of Gelectronic - company for hardware and software solutions. WebGelectronic has one purpose - to help customers achieving their goals. We have the experience, the talent and the desire to see our customers how they succeed. Whether you are starting a business website or redesign and updating an existing site or shop, we are here to help.



Petar Gozmanov, Chief Executive Officer CEO в G electronic. Petar has proven experience in various operational and financial roles in the company. Computer Expert, Certified Expert in Advanced Client Solutions, Workstation, Mobility Solution by Fujitsu; Lenovo, Acer, Dell EMC Partner. Google Certified Web Designer, Mobile Site Sertification, Analytics, and Advertising (Google Adwards Fundamentals)
Valentin Gozmanov, Owner. In 2007, Valentine laid the foundations of the company. He manages projects for our corporate clients, takes part in managing marketing campaigns, planning and concentrating resources.


"The road to success is a system of improving already successful projects. Driven by this motto, our goal is to adapt to an ever-changing Internet environment. Using our knowledge and experience, listening to the wishes of our customers, we achieve the desired goals, namely better internet placement, a good and user-friendly interface, adaptive design. " Petar Gozmanov (CEO)