WebGelectronic is part of Gelectronic - company for hardware and software solutions. WebGelectronic has one purpose - to help customers achieving their goals. We have the experience, the talent and the desire to see our customers how they succeed. Whether you are starting a business website or redesign and updating an existing site or shop, we are here to help.


Петър Гозманов, специалист в областта на компютърните и софтуерни системи. Сертифициран от Google в направление Google уеб дизайнер, Мобилни сайтове (Mobile Site Sertification), Анализ (Analytics) и Реклама (Google Adwards Fundamentals).
Валентин Гозманов, Owner. Основател на G electronic през 2007, Валентин полага основите на компанията. Ръководи проекти за корпоративните ни клиенти, участва в управлението на маркетинг кампании, планиране и концентриране на ресурси.

"The road to success is a system of improving already successful projects. Driven by this motto, our goal is to adapt to an ever-changing Internet environment. Using our knowledge and experience, listening to the wishes of our customers, we achieve the desired goals, namely better internet placement, a good and user-friendly interface, adaptive design. " Petar Gozmanov (CEO)